Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

Mission Column Week of August 16 2017

As we look forward to school, let’s look back on good things….

Part of what we do in the Mission Office is administer the Missionary Childhood Association program, otherwise known as MCA.   This program that schools and religious education programs take part in each school year helps to grow understanding of life in the mission lands while teaching them the importance of what prayer and sacrifice here can provide over there.

Each year I look forward to seeing the children in our school and religious education programs when I visit them to talk about the Missions.  Last year, the children of St. Agnes in Lake Placid raised almost $150 for MCA.  Their teacher and Mission Moderator, Mrs. Marcia Bugbee, wrote to me and told me of the children’s efforts at St. Agnes.  She wrote, “ we here at St. Agnes just completed our almsgiving for the MCA.  The children in our school and in our Christian Formation Program have been bringing awareness of the needs of others in different parts of the world to their family members by talking about how they have been raising money for the Childhood Mission through earning points at school that are turned into coins.  Every “Random Acts of Kindness” that teachers have observed through the school days or by doing chores at home and bringing their earnings to religion class.

I am so proud of all of them and am sure that this awareness will be a lifelong less for each and every one of them….”

We here in the Mission Office are very proud of them too.  Such conviction and commitment in small children is not only heartwarming but exemplifies the Mission Spirit in their hearts instilled in them by virtue of their baptism. 

We wish the students, teachers, staff and parents of the Diocese of Ogdensburg much luck as they begin another school year.  God Bless.


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