Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

Mission Column Week of October 11 2017


God Bless our Deacons at their Ordination

The Mission Office would like to send warm wishes, congratulations and blessings to our dedicated Deacons being ordained on Saturday, October 7, 2017 at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Ogdensburg. 

Deacons are ordained to “serve and be served”.  Through their ministries, they are called to be servants in the servant-Church.   Deacons are very devoted and devout individuals and are able to identify the needs of others as ministers of the Sacraments.    It is said,  it is not what a Deacon does, but who a Deacon is that is important.

Our Diocese is once again blessed to have so many faithful servants heed the call.   The Mission Office is proud to call these men leaders amongst us as we pray for them all as they embark on their ministry:

Richard Burns, Brent Charland, David Clark, James Crowley, David Demers, Timothy Foley, John Fehlner, Neil Fuller, Ronny Gingerich, Nicholas Haas, Michael Howley, Lawrence Morse, William O’Brien, Philip Regan, Randal Smith, Tom Yousey

In closing, from our vocations prayer, “Send workers into your great harvest that the Gospel may be preached to every creature and your people, gathered together by the Word of life and strengthened by the power of the Sacraments, may advance in the way of salvation and love.

    SPOF Cross

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