Diocese of Ogdensburg

The Roman Catholic Church in Northern New York

Dinner for Two

Ingredients: Couples that are interested in providing a marriage enrichment evening for other couples in their parish.

A willing pastor to advise planning committee and one who puts a priority on the vocation of marriage.

Begin forming a committee of interested couples – 3 to 4 would be great. Talk about the Dinner for Two concept or call the Family Life Office for assistance.

Plan (where, when, how):
Plan meal:
Secure after dinner speaker:
Look at funding for dinner: A good source may be your local Knights of Columbus

Talk about goals for the dinner, example: Several parishes have used this dinner as a beginning to forming a “Family Life” committee in the parish. One parish is using this as a kick off for a “sponsor couple” program for marriage preparation.

Cook for several weeks in “North County” weather, pray a lot, and serve to willing participants. After dinner be prepared to be asked:

“When’s the next Dinner for Two?”

To schedule a Dinner for Two in your parish contact Steve Tartaglia at the Family Life Office by calling 315-393-2920 or email startaglia@rcdony.org


Married Couples: Are your dreams for your life still visible?

Or are they buried somewhere in the laundry basket full of busy jobs, kids' activities, tiredness, bills, and no time? Would you like to pull them out and give them new life? That can happen on a Marriage Encounter Weekend.

For more information, please call Dave & Jennie Erkson @ 1-800-434-4218 or via e-mail at erksonmevt@adelphia.net or check out www.wwme.org.

Marriage Jubilee

We are pleased to announce the annual Marriage Jubilee will be celebrated at the Vocations Summit INSPIRE: Called to Love. The Vocations Summit INSPIRE: Called to Love will be held on September 25, 2016 at the Olympic Center Complex, Lake Placid, NY 12946. All married couples are encouraged to register. You must register for the event by going to http://www.inspirecalledtolove.org/register.asp. Registration is free. However, you should also register for the Marriage Jubilee with the Family Life office or by contacting your parish in order that you may receive a certificate and are recognized in the program.